Testimonials from Awardees

Quotes from Clive Barnes Award Finalists and Winners

Receiving the Clive Barnes Award is a unique honor. It does more than celebrate our work. It attaches us to a man whose legacy I am so proud to be a part of. Clive Barnes was a true advocate of the art form. The future is bright for theatre, only because of people like him.
-Rob McClure (2012 Winner)

I cannot thank you enough for the incredible honor you have bestowed on me for inviting me into this exclusive and incredibly loving family. I would also like to thank you for the $500 dollars I was given, which I have already used to enroll in a class to further my education in performing on screen. You have blessed me with your amazing presence and despite all your generous gifts and honors, the real gift and honor is you. Such a kind, warm hearted, and loving woman that I am so proud to know. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
-Collin Kelly-Sordelet (2014 Nominee)

I am grateful to this organization because what I get from this is encouragement to young people who are just starting out and new in their career.  That is the single most important thing that anyone can do for us is encourage us.
–Jonny Orsini (2013 Winner)

I am so honored to be included in The Clive Barnes Family….Truly. It meant a great deal to be nominated, and to win, was a very beautiful surprise indeed. Thank you so so much.
-Alex Sharp (2014 Winner)

The support you’re getting is far more than just financial. However, as actors the financial thing is a big help. It seems trivial but it really can be the difference between you going on an audition that can change your life because you can take off from your survival job to go on the audition because someone cut you a check because they believe in what you do. It really is life changing.
-Rob McClure (2012 Winner in his Presentation of the 2014 Theatre Award)

Winning the Clive Barnes Award is a huge stepping stone for me and has given me such a moral boost, I go to rehearsal and perform with more focus and determination than I ever had before! Career wise it is such a great award to have as performer, it allows my future to expand and branch out in the NYC dance field! I will forever keep this experience in my heart as it has been such a moving one!
-Lloyd Mayor (2013 Winner)

It is because of foundations such as yours that we young artists can focus on the quality of our work, not be afraid to fail, and above all, revel in the joy of creating art and pursuing truly artistically fulfilling lives.
–Phillipa Soo (2013 Nominee)

The nomination for The Clive Barnes Award was a true honor, and a distinguishing gesture amongst the professional theatre community.
– Josh Grisetti (2011 Nominee)

Since being nominated for The Clive Barnes Foundation Dance Award, I have continued forward with my career with the Paul Taylor Dance Company. Being nominated for The Clive Barnes Award meant a great deal to me, especially since I am only in my second year with the company. Dance holds a very special place in my heart, as does Mr. Taylor’s repertory. To be recognized for my work in his dances is both humbling and exhilarating.
-Michael J. Novak (2011 Nominee)

At the beginning of my freshman year, I was nominated for a Clive Barnes Award.  Even though I was in school at the time, it gave me the confidence to believe that I had, and have, what it takes to pursue acting.  At the moment, I’m continuing to focus on school, but I know that when it comes time to face the “real world” once more, that confidence will be invaluable.
-Noah Robbins (2010 Nominee)

It was an honor to be recognized for my achievements by being nominated for this award.  It was so great to be on the stage with my peers both from the dance and acting worlds. The experience made me feel a sense of community and purpose even as, and especially because, we were honoring the late Clive Barnes.
-Ghrai DeVore (2010 Nominee)

It was of course a great honor to receive The Clive Barnes award, but it is an award that is particularly meaningful because Clive Barnes himself was an extraordinarily appreciative and knowledgeable critic of ballet and other forms of dance during a very long and distinguished career. It is a wonderful idea to honor emerging artists, and I’m certainly glad to be one of them.
-Isabella Boylston (2011 Winner)

Receiving this award has opened my eyes and has helped me gain so much confidence.  Thank you Mrs. Valerie Barnes.
-MJ Rodriguez (2011 Winner)

It was such a pleasure meeting you this past Tuesday! Thank you for your kind words and advice.  Your support means the world to me.  I feel incredibly grateful and honored to have received this award in memory of your late great husband, who I admire more than words can say.  I thank you again from the bottom of my heart.  All my Best.
-Nina Arianda (2010 Winner) to Valerie Taylor-Barnes

“It’s an incredible feeling to know that your passion and hard work is being appreciated and touching people in a way we all strive to give. The Clive Barnes Foundation has ignited a flame of confidence in me that I hope I can use to inspire my colleagues, audiences, and artists of the future.”
-Lauren Lovette (2012 Winner)

I think that being a finalist for this award has been the highlight of my career. The experience will live with me forever and the friends I made will too. Thank you.
-Steven Melendez (2012 Nominee)

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