Throughout his professional life, Clive Barnes was caring and generous to his colleagues and friends; always ready to advise and listen. After his death, the lights were lowered on Broadway in his honor and many condolence letters spoke of his generosity and practical help, especially to young people. In this spirit, The Clive Barnes Foundation was formed in 2009 to create Annual Awards giving recognition, encouragement, and financial support to two talented young professionals and thus, honoring the memory of the many years of critical work and the warm personal generosity of Clive Barnes. The nominees will be judged, at live performances, by a panel of experts in each field, Dance and Theatre.  The awards are given at the end of each year at a Ceremony in New York City.

 Read President of the Foundation, Valerie Taylor-Barnes’s interview in Dance Tabs
A Life in Dance
By: Marina Harss (December 2012)

“Clive Barnes was a wonderful friend for many years.
It is fitting that his Foundation acknowledges and nurtures young talent.
It’s a wonderful tribute to his legacy.” -Paul Taylor

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